Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 1

I love to be the person people can count on. But I have a hard time doing things for myself. This is my attempt to be accountable again. Today I start to turn my my life around.

I'm 27 years old, 6'4" and almost 240lbs. When I got engaged in 2007, I was 245lbs and lost almost 40lbs before I got married on August 11, 2007. Since then, I've enjoyed almost 3 years of marriage with my beautiful wife Leslie, gotten my MBA, a promotion at work and gained back almost all 40lbs. As Leslie and I start our family, I don't want to be tired, overweight and a bad example for my children as they grow up.

Today I start to turn my life around. This is where I will be accountable to anyone who reads this. I will post my progress and work outs. I'll also post pictures along the way to validate my work for you. I expect this to be a long journey and it will be hard work. There will be times when I feel good; there will be times when I want to quit, but I hope that talking about this to anyone who cares to read about my journey will help to keep me on track.

When I lost 40lbs the first time it took about 6 months. Let's see if I can keep that pace again. My plan is to just eat healthier, work out 4 times a week and journal about my progress.

Because we live in a litigious world, please do not try to do anything that I am without consulting a Dr. I am not a professional trainer, dietitian or anyone who thinks he should be giving advice about getting fit and healthy. I'm simply just writing about MY journey to get healthy again. Don't sue me if you hurt yourself doing something that I did.

Here is what I've had eaten and done today:
Breakfast- Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana and skim milk
Went to church
Lunch- A grilled chicken salad with jalapenos, corn and black bean salsa, 1/2 hard boiled egg, tomatoes and ranch dressing. (I said this was going to be a long journey)
Workout- walked 1/2 mile, ran 1/2 mile, walked a 1/4 mile. (It's day one people, I don't want to hurt myself)
Dinner- grilled pork chop with blue cheese crumbles and corn (I know it's only 3pm, but this is what I plan to have)

I hope that this journal will help me to be accountable and stay on track to be 40lbs lighter by my 28th birthday and my first niece or nephew being born. I would love any and all encouragement, words of support and hate mail when I fall off the wagon. Thanks for helping me out I hope to make you proud!

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