Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mid Week

I'm 1/2 way thought the week now, but getting up at 5am is not as easy on the 3rd day as it was on the 1st day. I did it though. Walked 1/4 mile, ran 1, walked 1/2 at an incline of 7. Still burned a little over 250 calories. I think I probably have a net in take of about 1200 calories right now, which should be good for my goal of 5 lbs this week, but I also know that that's part of the reason I'm tried. That's the game we play though. This will all be worth it on Sunday when I see that scale show me 5 lbs lighter.


  1. How's the back? I know that mine is keeping me from my exercise program, so take it easy and hang in there.

    Aunt Cheli

  2. The back is good. Thanks for asking.