Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 2

Today was a good day. I was worried that getting up early to work out would be really hard. The alarm went of at 5:15am and I was excited. I got on the treadmill, walked a 1/2 mile, ran 3/4 mile and then walked a 1/4 mile. It was the same 20 minutes as the day before. I though about running again tonight, but I also don't want to over do too early in the game. I ate pretty well today. I had a banana for breakfast, some almonds for a mid morning snack, a buffalo chicken sub from Subway w/ just a little bit of light mayo and lots of veggies. For dinner I had a salad with just a bit of cheese and salsa as the dressing. The salsa turned out to be a pretty good dressing. 20 calories and no fat and 2 carbs. Good day!

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